Stuffed mushrooms trio

Stuffed mushrooms trio

Number of peoples 4 peoples
Preparation time 10 min
Cooking time 15/20 min


12 large white mushrooms,
2 small fresh goat cheese,
4 tbsp. salmon rillette,
150g snail butter (fresh or frozen) with parsley,
250g clean dandelions,
salt, pepper,
walnut oil.


Remove stems from mushrooms. Clean them with a damp cloth.
In a skillet, melt some butter (50g) slowly with 2 tbsp. of walnut oil. Put the mushrooms upside down in the melted butter. Season with salt and pepper, put a lid on and let them steam for 10 minutes.
Remove the lid, turn the mushrooms over. Increase the heat, until all the liquid evaporates and let the mushrooms brown lightly.
Then put the mushroom upside down in an oven dish. Save. Stuff when cold.
Stuffing: stuff 4 mushrooms with half a goat cheese with pepper, 4 mushrooms with 1 tsp. of snail butter, 4 mushrooms with rillettes.
Season the dandelion lettuce with the vinaigrette. Decorate each plate with a sprig of dandelion.
Then, fry the mushrooms 10 minutes under the broiler. Be careful not to burn them. Put 3 mushrooms in each plate and serve immediately.

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