Definitions & Generalities

What is "virgin" oil?

The term "Virgin Oil" is strictly regulated. It refers to oils obtained solely through mechanical processes, clarified only by physical means, and that have undergone no chemical treatment or refining operations.
In other words, the fruit or seed is crushed, and the resulting oil is decanted, and possibly filtered. Through this method, the oils retain their flavors and aromas because they undergo no refining or deodorizing steps.

What differentiates balsamic vinegar with 1, 2, 3, or 4 leaves?

The leaves are a new quality indicator for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. While Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, reserved for special occasions, is identified by its aging level (12 and 25 years), the legislation does not allow for age designation for the vinegar we regularly consume because it is possible to create blends from one barrel to another to maintain consistency in the product.
The leaf symbol, represented by vine leaves, was created to provide an indication of the vinegar's maturation level: 1 leaf corresponds to a young vinegar, 4 leaves correspond to an aged vinegar.
The older the vinegar, the sweeter and less acidic it becomes.

What is the difference between tapenade and olive paste?

The difference between tapenade and olive paste lies in the recipe and ingredients. They are simply not the same product.

Tapenade follows a strict and controlled recipe: it consists of at least 70% olives (green or black, for green tapenade and black tapenade, respectively), finely crushed with capers (more than 3% of the final composition) and anchovies (minimum 0.5%), and it must contain olive oil.

Olive paste is a culinary preparation based on olives that does not strictly adhere to the tapenade recipe. It highlights the taste of the olives, as it can be predominantly composed of olives.

Source: Code of fair practices for table olives, drafted by the Federation of Condiment Industries of France


Can we heat up Rapeseed Oil?

French regulations prohibit heating an oil that contains more than 2% linolenic fatty acid or omega-3. A study is currently underway to review this regulation, which does not exist in other countries.

Can we fry with Grape Seed Oil?

Grape seed oil is a good cooking oil that withstands heat well.

Can we use all types of olive oil for cooking?

Olive oil is a good cooking oil.
All types of olive oil can be used for cooking. It is preferable to use an ordinary quality oil for cooking and reserve high-quality oil to delicately drizzle over your already cooked dish as a finishing touch.


How long can Hazelnut Oil be stored after opening?

Our hazelnut oil can be stored for about a year after opening, which applies to all our oils. This is because the fruits are analyzed before being pressed, and any unhealthy fruits that could trigger oil degradation are eliminated.

It seems that it is preferable to store the oil away from light. Does this apply to all oils?

Light and heat are factors that can degrade oil. Keeping your oil in the kitchen cupboard or in the refrigerator door for walnut oil ensures good preservation.

Are oils with the A.O.C. (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) label organic?

  • The A.O.C. label and the organic label are independent:
  • The A.O.C. label is obtained if the production specifications defined by the regional appellation organization are respected, including geographical area of cultivation, olive varieties, cultivation methods, and harvesting methods.
  • The organic label is awarded if no chemical treatment has been carried out throughout the production process, including cultivation and processing. The label is granted by a specialized control organization.

Can we substitute peanuts with a bit of peanut oil in a recipe?

Of course! Mille et une huile peanut oil is a virgin oil obtained through mechanical processes. Slightly roasted, peanuts yield an oil that retains the full aroma and nutritional qualities of the fruit. A drizzle of oil on a salad or hot dish is enough to bring back the taste of peanuts. This applies to the entire "Walnut and Seed Oils" range.


I'm a professional who is very interested in your products. Do you sell to professionals?

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