Jumbo shrimp and artichoke medley

Jumbo shrimp and artichoke medley

Number of peoples 5 peoples
Preparation time 15 min
Cooking time 25 min


6 artichokes,
30 jumbo shrimps,
2 lemons,
2cl peanut oil,
15g flour,
250g of green beans,
1/2 chopped truffle,
3 tbsp. (5cl) walnut oil,
2 tbsp. (3cl) balsamic vinegar,
salt and pepper.


Peel the artichokes as you would peel an apple so that just remain the heart and soft bracts. Soak the hearts in lemon water, so they do not darken.
Mix lemon juice, flour, oil and boiling salted water. Drop the hearts in this mixture and cook for 25 minutes. Then immerse in icy cold water to stop the cooking. Remove the bracts. Cut the artichokes into quarters. Set aside to cool down.
Boil the jumbo shrimp 1:30 minute. Drain and peel the shrimps, keeping the base of the tail (for decoration). Cook some fresh green beans in boiling salted water and chop them in small chunks. Prepare a vinaigrette with walnut oil and balsamic vinegar. Place all the ingredients harmoniously on a plate. Season with the vinaigrette.

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