Summer Tandoori chicken with mint drizzle

Summer Tandoori chicken with mint drizzle

Number of peoples 6 peoples
Preparation time 30 min
Cooking time Marination : 4 h


6 chicken breasts,
1 jar of Tandoori paste,
1 cucumber,
3 stirred yoghurts,
1 bunch fresh mint,
1 tbsp. sugar,
1 lemon,
olive oil,
salt and pepper.


Cut the chicken into large strips, mix 5 level tablespoons of Tandoori paste with 1/2 yogurt and the juice of 1 lemon. Marinate the chicken for 4 hours.
Wash and dry the cucumber, cut it lengthways in half remove the seeds and chop it into large cubes. Put them in a bowl, pour the sugar and vinegar, pepper and twenty chopped mint leaves. Mix and refrigerate.
Thin out the remaining mint, chop the leaves and blend with the remaining two yogurts.

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