Fruity lamb tajine

Fruity lamb tajine

Number of peoples 6 peoples
Preparation time 15 min
Cooking time 1 h 15 min


1 shoulder of lamb (1.5kg),
500g onions,
300g dried apricots,
125g blanched almonds,
50g sultanas (black raisin),
100g preserved lemon purée,
2 large pinches of saffron pistil,
1/2 tsp. ground cumin,
5 tbsp. olive oil,


Cut the meat into large cubes.
Peel the onions and slice them.
Rinse under cold water apricots and grapes.
Cut the lemon into strips.
Heat oil in a casserole dish, add the onions, melt them 5 min.
Add the meat and spices, stir and cook 5 minutes over high heat. Season with salt.
Cover with water, cook 30 minutes over low heat. Add nuts, stir, continue cooking 30 minutes.
Finally, add the preserved lemon purée, cook for another 15 minutes uncovered.
In a pan, brown almonds in oil and add them to the casserole at the last minute.
Serve hot with semolina.

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