Fresh green bean and herring salad

Fresh green bean and herring salad

Number of peoples 4 peoples
Preparation time 20 min
Cooking time 30 min


4 fillets of fresh smoked herring,
1 egg,
1kg green beans,
3 carrots,
1 stick celery,
1 onion,
1 clove garlic,
2 tbsp. chopped parsley and chives,
1 savory,
1 bay leaf,
2 cloves,
50ml Honey Mustard sauce,
1 hot pepper.


Shell the beans. Scrape the carrots and dice them.
Peel the onion and prick the cloves. Peel the garlic and crush.
Boil a pot of water. Throw in the beans, carrots, savory, bay leaf, celery, onion, pepper and garlic.
Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add some salt 10 min before end of cooking.
Meanwhile, cook the egg 10 minutes in boiling water, strain and put it in cold water to peel it more easily.
Cut the herring fillets into chunks. Strain the beans, remove the spices.
Pour the beans into a bowl, add the herring, season with the honey mustard sauce and mix gently.
Take the eggshell off, dice the white, add it to the salad and sieve the yolk over the bean, pressing with a mortar. Serve.

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