Sea bream fillets coated with hazelnut oil

Sea bream fillets coated with hazelnut oil

Number of peoples 4 peoples
Preparation time 15/30 min
Cooking time 8 min


4x140g fillets of sea bream,
200g cockles,
200g mussels,
200g winkles,
200g whelks,
200g clams,
200g almonds,
200g shallots,
50cl of Muscadet sur lie,
1 bouquet garni (bay leaf, thyme, shallots, parsley, fennel),
10cl hazelnut oil,
1kg spinach shoots,
1 drizzle of olive oil,
fleur de sel from Guérande.


Wash the fillets of sea bream and use a brush to coat the fish with hazelnut oil. Place it a greased dish. Save in the fridge.
Cook the mussels, almonds and clams 'a la Mariniere', which means cook them in the Muscadet (white wine) with shallots, parsley and pepper.
Cook whelks and winkles in a court-bouillon with a touch of olive oil.
Save the cooking of the shellfish. Filter through a cloth. Reduce. With a blender, whisk the filtered juice with hazelnut oil.
Bake the bream in a warm oven (300 and 350°F) for 6-8 minutes. Then place the bream fillets on a bed of spinach shoots cooked in butter.
Warm the shellfish without their shell in their cooking juice. Place nicely the shell on top of the sea bream fillets. Drizzle with the shellfish juice.

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